Montreal October Festivals & Events

Montreal October Festivals & Events

  • December 11, 2016 to December 31, 2017

    Celebration of Montréal's 375th Anniversary


    Montréal is celebrating the 375th anniversary of its founding.

  • Mar 10 - Oct 1, 2017

    Fashioning Expo 67


    Expo 67 put Montreal designers and Canadian fashion on the world stage. Expo 67 offered the fashion milieu opportunities to shine in futuristic fashion magazine spreads shot on the site, locally designed uniforms for hostesses, and live fashion shows with roller skating models.

  • Apr 20 - Oct 22, 2017

    Amazonia. The Shaman and the Mind of the Forest


    From the collections of the Musée d’ethnographie de Genève and the Musées royaux d’Art et d’Histoire, Bruxelles. Pointe-à-Callière will be transformed into the Amazon forest in an immersive and multi-sensory experience that will showcase the shamanism and mythology of traditional Amazonian societies.

  • May 5 - Oct 6, 2017

    First Fridays - The Montreal street food

    The largest gathering of street food trucks in Québec. Delight in a festive atmosphere and music from talented DJs.

  • June 21 - Oct 9, 2017

    Olafur Eliasson


    Since the mid-1990s, Eliasson has produced devices that call upon the mechanisms we use to perceive light and natural phenomena. These truly multidisciplinary works offer immersive experiences that investigate body, movement and perception of self and the environment..

  • July 18 - December 16, 2017

    Lucid Realities

    Step inside dreams, nightmares, recollections, and fantasies. Walk in space, inhabit another person’s body, explore secret locations, and fly like a bird.

  • September 7 to October 14, 2017

    Le Mois de la Photo à Montréal


    An opportunity to discover the latest trends in contemporary photography, video and lens-based art.

  • September 8 to October 31, 2017

    Gardens of Light


    Between sky and water.

  • Oct 12, 2017 - March 25, 2018



    Explore striking imagery, outstanding personalities, and a culture proud of its heritage through 30 portraits of men, women, and children from 14 different nations dressed in stunning and colourful regalia, magnificent outfits that tell their personal stories as well as those of their people and their worldview.

  • Oct 25, 2017 - March 11, 2018

    Bill Viola : Naissance à rebours


    With a career now spanning forty years, Bill Viola is recognized internationally as one of the most important artists of our time. His work across single channel video, video installation, sound environments, electronic music performances, and broadcast television deeply examines the universal themes of life, death, the unfolding of consciousness, the spirit, and human connection.

  • Oct 27 - Nov 5, 2017

    Les Pastellistes - Exhibition

    The Pastel Society of Eastern Canada is presenting their biannual international Exhibition of a hundred art works selected by jury. Daily activities: Pastel demonstrations by artists and guided tours. The prize winners will be disclosed during the vernissage.

  • Annually in October

    La Fête des Vins du Québec


    Showcasing the talents of local craftsmen, wine producers and cheese maker as well as the richness and uniqueness of the local terroir, this urban event is definitely promising a festive experience. This event is an opportunity to meet with passionate wine makers.

  • Annually in October

    The Big Fashion Sale by Quebec Designers


    There is where you’ll find something for every season, discover the rising stars of Québec fashion, and perhaps have a little chat with some of your favourite designers. Renewing your wardrobe at the Sale means buying locally and representing Québec fashion and its creators.