Cardiovascular Prevention Center
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The mission of the West Island Cardiovascular Prevention Centre is to provide individuals who are at risk of developing cardiovascular disease, stroke or diabetes a personalized prevention program for better health.    
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    West Island Cancer Wellness Centre
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The West Island Cancer Wellness Centre exists to empower people who are encountering cancer by providing them with compassionate support and comprehensive information for mind, body, and spirit.    
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Montreal BodyTalk

Have you ever cut your finger and marveled at how quickly the skin comes back together to heal itself? Have you ever wished your body could reverse illness and disease almost effortlessly, like that cut on your finger? What if it could? What if there was a simple, effective way to help your body heal itself, all the while improving your quality of life in areas you’d never imagined? The good news is that there is – and with nearly 2000 practitioners world-wide and 80 instructors teaching in 35 countries, BodyTalk is surely Montreal’s best-kept secret... but not for long!

Gaining fast momentum since its inception in the mid-to-late nineties by Australia’s exceptional Dr. John Veltheim, the BodyTalk System now finds itself atop the cresting wave of cutting-edge "new medicine" about to hit the shore in a big way. What with internationally recognized professionals such as Dr. Bruce Lipton (cellular biologist, author of "The Biology of Belief"), Dr. Candace Pert (pharmacologist, author of “The Molecules of Emotion”) Dr. Amit Goswami (theoretical quantum physicist/”quantum activist”) and Dr. James Oschman (biophysicist and cell biologist) exploring the vast power of consciousness and educating as to the vital connection between mind and body, it is only a matter of time.

In a nutshell, BodyTalk is a truly safe, effective, non-invasive system of consciousness-based healthcare that helps the body to heal itself, either as a stand-alone therapy or used in conjunction with other modalities. BodyTalk recognizes that each of us has a built-in mechanism, an innate wisdom, that knows how to initiate the healing process and that we are the result of an intricate system of interrelationships between countless components, including but not limited to:

  • each cell and atom that form our body
  • the physical components of the body itself; its organs, endocrines and other body parts
  • the body’s energy systems; the chakras and meridians, the vital force that animates us
  • our mental and emotional characteristics
  • past events in our life, genetic makeup, religion, culture, belief systems
  • the environmental factors we come into contact with daily; our family, the weather, the clothes we wear, a discussion at work, the planets, and so on.

Each of these components are in a constant dynamic and interactive state and they have an effect on who we appear to be, how we feel, what we think, and ultimately how healthy we are. They also make each of us a unique being; the original result of a complex interaction of so many variables, forever changing.

Though the wisdom of our bodymind inherently knows how to initiate the healing process, it often seems to fail in its ability to intervene and we develop all kinds of discomfort and dis-ease, be it physical, mental or spiritual.  From a BodyTalk perspective, this happens when interference triggers a breakdown in communication between components of the bodymind complex. It could be stress, an old accident, a surgery, a trauma, a difficult relationship, worries and anxieties, belief systems, a matter of body chemistry, environmental factors, genetic or structural makeup, etc. When communication is disrupted, the body adapts and keeps functioning but it becomes much less efficient in coordinating the billions of activities necessary to keep us healthy. BodyTalk works to reestablish the vital communication between the various components of the bodymind complex so that our body can repair itself rapidly and successfully.

One main difference between BodyTalk and most traditional and alternative practices is that there is no diagnosis - BodyTalk is not used to determine what is “wrong” by isolating parts affected by symptoms, but rather to address the innate wisdom of the bodymind as a whole, where breakdowns in communication are highlighted and then repaired in a priority sequence unique to your being. No two treatments are ever the same - even when presented with the same symptoms, there will be a different procedure for each since each of us are our own unique combination of interrelations between billions of components. Thus, when healthy lines of communication are reestablished based on the specific needs of the individual, the body itself can repair the affected part or parts and eliminate the symptoms.

A typical session involves an initial intake in regards to one’s heath and lifestyle followed by the BodyTalk treatment itself, during which the practitioner will find “links” between items by means of neuro-muscular feedback.  Then, by holding these “links” and using an ancient yogic technique of light tapping on the client’s head and sternum, a message is sent to the brain to repair the damaged link in communication and to the heart to store the new, healthy information. According to the Institute of HeartMath, the heart generates the strongest rhythmic electromagnetic field generated in the body and the heart's electromagnetic field is approximately five thousand times greater in strength than the field produced by the brain. If ever a BodyTalk technique is implemented incorrectly, there will be no result or change; it will never make things worse. Because of this built-in safety factor, anyone who receives BodyTalk has nothing to lose and everything to gain as far as his or her health and wellness is concerned.

For further information about this simple yet powerful form of holistic healthcare visit www.bodytalksystem.com or contact your local practitioner. Stay tuned for upcoming BodyTalk lectures, workshops and events in Montreal!

Montreal, Meet BodyTalk!
By Maddalena Gonzo, CBP and Melanie Halpert, CBP

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