Vieux Port Steakhouse
39 St-Paul E.
Montreal, Qc, H2Y 1G2
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Established 31 years ago, Restaurant du Vieux Port has now become one of the most known seafood and steakhouses in the city. Greeted by a 40 year-old lobster, the antique style décor with wooden fireplaces adorned with boat shafts, stonewall sections, and alcohol glass cases guests are made to feel right at home.

Led to our table by Nikki, a waitress who has been with the restaurant almost as long as its birth, my companion and I are offered onion soup while we glance through the menu. Holding myself back from ordering seconds I decided upon the marinated Portobello mushrooms served on a bed of lettuce, tomato, and cucumber. My partner decided upon the homemade crab cakes. The soup and entrées themselves were enough to satisfy our cravings, and we decided to take a look around the restaurant.

Introduced to Mr. Stephan Thorpe, the general manager, we were given a guided tour of the banquet halls, the remainder of the restaurant, the kitchen, and a peak at the ground and roof terraces. Amazed by the size of the restaurant, Stefan went on to tell us that the Vieux Port team takes pride in the service as well as the quality of food they are able to offer their clients. The only beef served at the restaurant is Angus Beef, one of the best beefs in Canada, and everything is served grilled.

Once our tour ended Nikki suggested Margaux 2001 with a Greek and House salad. The wine selection was an excellent choice for our main dishes. I ordered the tenderloin medallions wrapped with bacon with a side dish of baked potato covered with melted cheddar cheese, shrimps and scallops. My partner ordered the grilled giant shrimp with accompanying rice and scampi. To end the meal we shared some sweet crème brulée.

With a warm and comfortable environment, it was easy to enjoy the evening out, and it had to have been one of my most enjoyable experiences in this city… Restaurant du Vieux Port a stepping stone to discovering Old Montreal.