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Montreal is known for the most amazing New Year’s Eve parties in North America! In our New Year’s Eve section you will find complete listings of all the parties in the City. Whether you are looking for a restaurant setting with friends or a club atmosphere, you’ll find it here! Read more...

    Rib 'N Reef
8105 Decarie
Montreal, Qc, H4P 2H5
In every major city, there is one steakhouse against which all others are measured. In Montreal, that establishment is the Rib ‘N Reef. What makes the Rib ‘N Reef so special? Well the cuisine of course.    
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  Montreal French Restaurants   Le Paris
1812 Ste-Catherine W.
Montreal, Qc
Le Paris restaurant's fine reputation is based on simple, but first-rate French cuisine prepared with care and the warm, friendly ambience of a traditional Paris dining room.    
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    Méchant Boeuf
124 St-Paul W.
Montreal, Qc, H2Y 1Z3
Reservations: 514.788.4000
Méchant Boeuf Bar-Brasserie is a chic pub with a British flavour and French accents and it has some real character and personality. Méchant Boeuf is friendly, has a great atmosphere… and the DJ plays classic rock all night long!    
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100 St-Paul W.
Montreal, Qc, H2Y 1Z3
Reservations: 514.788.4000
The Nelligan Hotel is a boutique style hotel concept with 64 comfortable rooms in a contemporary décor set in traditional Old Montreal architecture.    
Montreal New Year's Eve Hôtel Nelligan Web Site More Info
100 St-Paul O.
Montreal, Qc
Reservations: 514.788.4000
You’ll be situated right by the cozy fireplace or downstairs in its private, stone-wall dining room. Meals are prepared by Hotel Nelligan’s Executive Chef Sylvain Levaillant.    
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    Vieux-Port Steakhouse
39 St-Paul E.
Montreal, Qc, H2Y 1G2
Reservations: 514.866.3175
Breathing an air of enchantment from days gone by, Les Remparts Room is a fairly new addition to the hotel. The intimate space accommodates up to 80 and offers delicious fare from Chef Gérald Barthélémy.    
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    Place d'Armes
55 St-Jacques W.
Montreal, Qc, H2Y 3X2

Built in 1870, as per the plans of an architectural firm named Hopkins & Willy, the 701, Côte de la Place D’Armes, important element of Montreal’s seeing, is now holding a 4 stars hotel, l’Hôtel Place D’Armes.    
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  Montreal Italian Restaurants   BEVO Bar + Pizzeria
410, rue Saint-Vincent
Old Montréal, Qc, H2Y 3A5
Bevo boasts fine Italian cooking, original cocktails and a fresh ambiance nightly. Its spacious ground level features a huge, fully-stocked bar, convenient seating, funky fixtures and hanging bubble chairs.    
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1 St-Paul O.
Montreal, Qc
Reservations: 514 286-9582
Montreal’s favourite jazz bar provides live tunes seven nights a week. Its upstairs quarters can be partly or fully privatized. Treat your colleagues to an upbeat ambiance with historic flavour and a delectable bistro menu.    
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    Taverne Gaspar
87, de la Commune St. E
Montreal, Qc, H2Y 1J1
Taverne Gaspar’s lively ambiance and historic setting make it shoo-in for this year’s Holiday party. The Old Montreal hotspot offers full-privatization for the evening and group menus, prepared by celebrated Montreal Chef Gérald Barthélémy.    
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Montreal New Year's Eve is December 31 of every year.  It is celebrated in countries that use the Gregorian calendar with the United States, Australia, British Isles, North & South America, Europe, Scandinavia and (the former) Soviet Union as the main regions in the world who welcome in a new year and have New Year’s Eve Parties.

It is exactly at the stroke of midnight on December 31 that marks the transition to the New Year ahead and sparks a grand celebration in Montreal.  Celebrations may be fantastic Montreal New year’s Eve parties at one of your favorite Montreal clubs or solemn times to reflect on what the year has brought.  Some people will dress up in crazy outfits and drink champagne (or other liquors of their choice) and use traditional “noisemakers" to express their joy and hope for the new year ahead. Yet, others might want more of a laid back dinner for two or more at a Montreal restaurant New Year’s Eve party.   

Montreal New Year’s Eve Resolutions

How did New Year's Resolutions all begin? Once again, we go back to the wild and crazy parties of the ancient Romans.  They used excess as a way of acting out all the chaos that they hoped a new year would get rid of.  So, the New Year's festival was a way to start over.  By purging yourself of all this so-called excess energy and confessing your sins, there was a hope that you would be much better in the next year ahead.

The custom of making New Year's Resolutions came into vogue in the 20th century and is still done today. 

The New Year’s Eve Resolution is always said with hope and good intentions that in the coming year all your hopes will come true!

Happy New Year’s Eve Montreal 

MONTREAL new year's eve